Instance Method


Returns the material property with the specified name.


func propertyNamed(_ name: String) -> MDLMaterialProperty?



The name value of a material property in the material.

Return Value

The material property with the specified name, or nil if the material does not contain a material property with that name.


Material property names are not related to their use in rendering. Instead, you can assign descriptive names to material properties and use this method to keep track of them.

See Also

Working with Individual Material Properties

func property(with: MDLMaterialSemantic) -> MDLMaterialProperty?

Returns the material property for the specified material semantic.

func setProperty(MDLMaterialProperty)

Adds a new material property to or replaces an existing material property in the material.

func remove(MDLMaterialProperty)

Removes the specified material property from the material.

func removeAllProperties()

Removes all material properties from the material.