Instance Property


A component that manages this object’s spatial transform and its changes over time.


var transform: MDLTransformComponent? { get set }


A transform defines the local coordinate space for an object’s content—that is, its position, orientation, shear, and scale—relative to the coordinate space of the object’s parent. The MDLTransformComponent protocol defines a general interface for objects that manage transforms, including time-based transform information for assets that include animation data. By default, Model I/O uses the MDLTransform object for this property; however, you can also use a custom class that adopts the MDLTransformComponent protocol to support alternative ways of calculating or storing transform data.

See Also

Working with Objects in Space

func boundingBox(atTime: TimeInterval) -> MDLAxisAlignedBoundingBox

Returns the minimum region entirely enclosing the object’s contents at the specified time sample.

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