Instance Property


A path that identifies the object in an asset's object hierarchy using object names.


var path: String { get }


Model I/O forms a path for each object in an asset's object hierarchy by concatenating the name properties of objects in the hierarchy, separated by slashes and preceded by an initial slash.

For example, a mesh in an asset modeling a dining room scene might have the path /meshes/table_anchor/chair1, where "meshes" is one of the top-level children of the asset, "table anchor" is a MDLObject instance providing a transform inherited by several meshes, and "chair1" is the name of a MDLMesh object.

See Also

Working with Object Hierarchies

var parent: MDLObject?

The parent object that contains this object.

var children: MDLObjectContainerComponent

A component that manages this object’s collection of children.

func addChild(MDLObject)

Adds a child object to this object, creating a container for the object’s children if necessary.

func atPath(String) -> MDLObject

Returns the child object at the specified path.