Instance Property


The master object, if applicable, of which this object is an instance.


var instance: MDLObject? { get set }


Some asset formats supported by Model I/O provide instancing, a feature where the asset provides a single definition for an object, then can reuse that definition at multiple points in a scene. For example, an asset describing a scene of a table and chairs could contain mesh and material data for only one chair, then use instancing to place several of the same chair around the table.

If an object loaded from an asset is an instance, this property refers to one of the objects in the asset's masters array. If this object is not an instance (or is loaded from an asset format that does not support instancing), this property is nil.

See Also

Managing Rendering Intent

var hidden: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether this object should be used in rendering.

var path: String

A path that identifies the object in an asset's object hierarchy using object names.