A default implementation for handling object hierarchy relationships in a 3D asset.


class MDLObjectContainer : NSObject


Model I/O uses the MDLObjectContainerComponent protocol to create object hierarchy relationships for meshes, lights, cameras, and containers loaded from a MDLAsset instance. To create your own containers—for example, to reference in-memory representations, offline databases, or custom asset file formats—create MDLObjectContainer subclasses and add them to a MDLObject instance using its setComponent(_:for:) method.

All methods of this class are defined by the MDLObjectContainerComponent protocol. For discussion of these methods, see MDLObjectContainerComponent.

See Also

Extensible Asset Format Support

protocol MDLComponent

The base protocol for extensible file format support in Model I/O.

protocol MDLObjectContainerComponent

The general interface for classes that can act as containers in an object hierarchy.

protocol MDLTransformComponent

The general interface for classes that manage local coordinate space transforms for 3D objects

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