Instance Method


Generates spherical harmonics information based on the light’s photometry data.


func generateSphericalHarmonics(fromLight sphericalHarmonicsLevel: Int)



The number of levels for which to generate spherical harmonics. Each level of spherical harmonics contains more coefficients, affecting both the layout of the resulting data and the detail of any lighting effects based on it.


Spherical harmonic coefficients describe the distribution of light around a light source with less high-frequency detail than a cube map texture, but they can be used more efficiently in real-time rendering. After calling this method, use the sphericalHarmonicsCoefficients property to access the generated coefficients.

See Also

Interpreting the Light Web as Spherical Harmonics

var sphericalHarmonicsCoefficients: Data?

Data containing spherical harmonics coefficients that describe the light’s intensity in all directions.

var sphericalHarmonicsLevel: Int

The number of levels of generated spherical harmonics information.