Instance Method


Sets the light’s color based on a black-body temperature.


func setColorByTemperature(_ temperature: Float)



The black-body temperature, in Kelvins, whose luminous color the light should match.


Real-world light sources often measure color of illumination based on a black-body temperature scale. For example, the colors and characterizations of typical home and office light fixtures correspond to the following temperatures:




“Soft white”

Warm, yellowish white

2700 K

“Bright white”

Pale yellowish white

3000 K


Bright, slightly greenish white

5000 K

“Cool daylight”

Bright, slightly bluish white

6500 K

See Also

Managing Light Color and Intensity

var color: CGColor?

The color of the light source.

var lumens: Float

The total visible intensity of the light source, in lumens.

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