Instance Property


The color emitted as radiance from a material’s surface.


@property(nonatomic, readonly, retain) MDLMaterialProperty *emission;


A renderer (or other software component processing the material) might not treat the emission channel of a material as a light source illuminating the scene. Instead, an emission channel prevents affected areas of a surface from being darkened by other aspects of lighting and shading.

The default emission color is light gray (80% white).

See Also

Working with Shading Properties


The inherent color of the material, to be used as a modulator during shading.


The intensity of specular highlights on the material’s surface.


The index of refraction for the medium surrounding a material.


The index of refraction for a material itself.


The variation in the surface normal vectors in a material, relative to model coordinate space.


The attenuation of ambient light due to local geometry variations on a surface.


The scaling factor for ambient occlusion shading.

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