Instance Property


The color of the simulated ground.


var groundColor: CGColor? { get set }


By default, this property’s value is nil, causing Model I/O to render an infinite sky above and below. If you set this property to a color, Model I/O renders a solid color for all areas of the cube texture below the level specified in the horizonElevation property.

See Also

Working with Sky Simulation Parameters

var turbidity: Float

The cloudiness or haziness of the simulated sky.

var sunElevation: Float

The sun’s position in the simulated sky.

var upperAtmosphereScattering: Float

A factor that influences the color of the simulated sky.

var groundAlbedo: Float

A factor that influences the clarity of the simulated sky.

var horizonElevation: Float

The angle, in radians relative to center, below which to render the ground color.

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