Instance Property


The cloudiness or haziness of the simulated sky.


var turbidity: Float { get set }


A value of 0.0 simulates a clear sky—that is, the sun has little effect on the color of the sky around it. Values closer to 1.0 simulate increasing amounts of dust and moisture in the sky, causing the sun’s color to spread across the atmosphere.

See Also

Working with Sky Simulation Parameters

var sunElevation: Float

The sun’s position in the simulated sky.

var upperAtmosphereScattering: Float

A factor that influences the color of the simulated sky.

var groundAlbedo: Float

A factor that influences the clarity of the simulated sky.

var groundColor: CGColor?

The color of the simulated ground.

var horizonElevation: Float

The angle, in radians relative to center, below which to render the ground color.