Instance Property


An object that provides index data for the submesh.


var indexBuffer: MDLMeshBuffer { get }


An index buffer contains indices, each of which identifies a vertex in the vertex buffers of the MDLMesh object containing the mesh. Together with the submesh’s geometryType property, the sequence of indices determines how to interpret the mesh’s vertex data to construct the geometric form for a portion of the mesh.

See Also

Working with a Submesh’s Index Buffer

var indexCount: Int

The number of indices in the submesh’s index buffer.

var indexType: MDLIndexBitDepth

The data type for each element in the submesh’s index buffer.

var geometryType: MDLGeometryType

The type of geometric primitives described by the submesh’s index buffer.

var topology: MDLSubmeshTopology?

A description of how the non-uniform layout of the submesh’s index buffer defines the shape of the mesh.