A container for index buffer data and material information to be used in rendering all or part of a 3D object.


class MDLSubmesh : NSObject


Submeshes are contained in MDLMesh objects, which provide vertex buffer data that a submesh’s index data refers to. Together, the vertex and index data describe the geometric form of a portion of the mesh, and the submesh’s material property determines its intended surface appearance for rendering.


Working with a Submesh’s Index Buffer

var indexBuffer: MDLMeshBuffer

An object that provides index data for the submesh.

var indexCount: Int

The number of indices in the submesh’s index buffer.

var indexType: MDLIndexBitDepth

The data type for each element in the submesh’s index buffer.

var geometryType: MDLGeometryType

The type of geometric primitives described by the submesh’s index buffer.

var topology: MDLSubmeshTopology?

A description of how the non-uniform layout of the submesh’s index buffer defines the shape of the mesh.

Associating Materials with a Submesh

var material: MDLMaterial?

An object that describes the intended surface appearance of the submesh for rendering.

Identifying a Submesh

var name: String

A descriptive name for the submesh.

Importing Submesh Objects from SceneKit

init(scnGeometryElement: SCNGeometryElement, bufferAllocator: MDLMeshBufferAllocator?)

Creates a submesh from the specified SceneKit geometry element, using the specified allocator.

init(scnGeometryElement: SCNGeometryElement)

Creates a submesh from the specified SceneKit geometry element.


enum MDLIndexBitDepth

Options for the size of integer data in a submesh’s index buffer, used by the indexType property.

enum MDLGeometryType

Types of geometric primitives for rendering a submesh, used by the geometryType property.


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See Also

3D Asset Basics

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class MDLTransform

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class MDLSubmeshTopology

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protocol MDLNamed

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