Instance Property


The number of mipmap levels contained in the texture image data.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) NSUInteger mipLevelCount;


Mipmapping is a technique that uses multiple sizes of a texture image to increase rendering performance. If this property’s value is zero, the texture contains a single image, whose size matches the dimensions property. If this value is 1, the texture contains an additional image at half the original dimensions; if this value is 2, the texture contains images at the original size, at half size, and at quarter size; and so on.

See Also

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The width and height, in texels, of the texture image.


The number of bytes between the first texel in a row of image data and the first texel in the next row.


The number of channels per texel.


The data format for each channel value per texel.


A Boolean value that indicates whether the texture is a cube textures.