Instance Method


Exports the texture data to an image file at the specified URL, of the specified type.


func write(to nsurl: URL, type: CFString) -> Bool



The file URL at which to write the texture image.


A Uniform Type Identifier declaring the image file format to use for export.

Return Value

true if export succeeded; false otherwise.


For the type parameter, pass the Uniform Type Identifier for any output format supported by the Image I/O framework, such as the JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or (in macOS only) OpenEXR format. For details, see Uniform Type Identifiers Reference.

See Also

Exporting Textures

func write(to: URL) -> Bool

Exports the texture data to an image file at the specified URL.

func imageFromTexture() -> Unmanaged<CGImage>?

Exports the texture data as a CoreGraphics image.

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