An object that pairs a source of texture data with sampling parameters to be used in rendering the texture.


class MDLTextureSampler : NSObject


You use texture samplers as material property values with the MDLMaterialProperty class.


Working with Texture Parameters

var texture: MDLTexture?

The texture object that provides image data for sampling.

var hardwareFilter: MDLTextureFilter?

An object that describes filtering modes for sampling from the texture.

var transform: MDLTransform?

The transformation to be applied to texture coordinate data before sampling from the texture.


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class MDLTexture

A source of texel data to be used in rendering material surface appearances.

class MDLCheckerboardTexture

A generator of texel data that creates a checkerboard pattern with two specified colors.

class MDLColorSwatchTexture

A generator of texel data that creates a gradient between two specified colors.

class MDLNoiseTexture

A generator of texel data that creates a field of random noise.

class MDLNormalMapTexture

A generator of texel data that computes a normal map from a supplied texture.

class MDLSkyCubeTexture

A generator of texel data that creates cube textures using a physically realistic simulation of the sunlit sky.

class MDLURLTexture

A lightweight reference to a URL from which to load texture data.

class MDLTextureFilter

A description of filtering modes for a renderer to use when sampling from a texture.