Instance Method


Initializes a transform object with the specified transform matrix.


- (instancetype)initWithMatrix:(matrix_float4x4)matrix;



A transform matrix that defines a local coordinate space relative to a parent coordinate space.

Return Value

A new transform object.


A transform matrix defines the local coordinate space transformations for a 3D object—that is, its position, orientation, shear, and scale.

After initializing a transform object from a matrix, you can use the translation, rotation, shear, and scale properties to individually work with those factors of the transform (or the corresponding methods listed in Using Factors of an Animated Transform to associate time-based transformation with each factor). To work with the complete transform matrix defined by those factors, use the matrix property.

The matrix parameter must be an invertible, homogeneous affine transform matrix. If you initialize a transform object with a nonaffine transform matrix, attempts to retrieve its translation, rotation, shear, or scale factors instead return identity values.

See Also

Creating a Transform Object

- initWithIdentity

Initializes a transform object to the identity transformation.

- initWithTransformComponent:

Initializes a transform object to match the specified transform component.