Instance Property


The index of the vertex buffer containing data for this attribute in a mesh’s vertexBuffers array.


@property(nonatomic, readwrite) NSUInteger bufferIndex;


A mesh may store vertex data in either a structure of arrays model, where data for each attribute lies in a separate vertex buffer, or in an array of structures model. In the latter, multiple vertex attributes share the same buffer (and thus have the same bufferIndex value), and the format and offset values (together with the stride value of a related MDLVertexBufferLayout object) identify which bytes in that buffer refer to which vertex attributes.

See Also

Inspecting a Vertex Attribute


An identifier for the semantic use of the vertex attribute.


The format of per-vertex data for the attribute.


The offset, in bytes, of vertex data for the attribute in a vertex buffer, relative to the start of data for each vertex.


The default value for vertex data for this attribute.