Instance Property


An identifier for the semantic use of the vertex attribute.


var name: String { get set }


Depending on the source of data for a mesh—that is, which file format it was loaded from in a MDLAsset object, or whether it was programmatically created—a vertex attribute’s name can be either one of the constants listed in Vertex Attributes or an identifier specific to the file format.

See Also

Inspecting a Vertex Attribute

var format: MDLVertexFormat

The format of per-vertex data for the attribute.

var offset: Int

The offset, in bytes, of vertex data for the attribute in a vertex buffer, relative to the start of data for each vertex.

var bufferIndex: Int

The index of the vertex buffer containing data for this attribute in a mesh’s vertexBuffers array.

var initializationValue: vector_float4

The default value for vertex data for this attribute.