Instance Method


Returns a data object containing all voxels within the specified volume.


func voxels(within extent: MDLVoxelIndexExtent) -> Data?



The minimum and maximum corners of the volume for which to retrieve voxel data.

Return Value

A data object containing MDLVoxelIndex values.


The returned NSData object contains an array of MDLVoxelIndex values describing the locations of voxels within the specified volume as well as their volumetric relationship to the object modeled by the voxel array.

See Also

Examining Voxels

var count: Int

The number of voxels in the array.

var voxelIndexExtent: MDLVoxelIndexExtent

The indexes that define the corners of the three-dimensional voxel grid.

func voxelExists(atIndex: MDLVoxelIndex, allowAnyX: Bool, allowAnyY: Bool, allowAnyZ: Bool, allowAnyShell: Bool) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the voxel array contains voxel data for the specified index.

func voxelIndices() -> Data?

Returns a data object containing all voxels within the voxel array.