Instance Method


Reduces the voxel array to cover only the portion of its volume not covered by another voxel array.


- (void)differenceWithVoxels:(MDLVoxelArray *)voxels;



The voxel array to subtract from this voxel array.


After a difference operation, the voxel array contains only those voxels that were present in the original array and not present in the specified array. That is, a difference operation creates a voxel array representing the space where one volume does not overlap another.

Performing a union, intersection, or difference operation clears out shell level information from all voxels in the array. (That is, the w component of every MDLVoxelIndex value in the voxel array is reset to 0.)

See Also

Performing Constructive Solid Geometry Operations

- unionWithVoxels:

Extends the voxel array to also cover the volume of the specified voxel array.

- intersectWithVoxels:

Reduces the voxel array to cover only the volume within both it and another voxel array.