Model I/O Enumerations

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enum MDLCameraProjection

Options for camera projection styles, used by the projection property.

enum MDLGeometryType

Types of geometric primitives for rendering a submesh, used by the geometryType property.

enum MDLIndexBitDepth

Options for the size of integer data in a submesh’s index buffer, used by the indexType property.

enum MDLLightType

Options for the shape and style of illumination provided by a light, used by the lightType property.

enum MDLMaterialMipMapFilterMode

Modes for sampling textures at sizes between mipmap levels, used by the mipFilter property.

enum MDLMaterialPropertyType

Options for the data type of a material property, used by the type property.

enum MDLMaterialSemantic

Options for the semantic use of a material property’s value in rendering a particular surface appearance; used by the semantic property.

enum MDLMaterialTextureFilterMode

Modes for sampling textures at coordinates between texels, used by the minFilter and magFilter properties.

enum MDLMaterialTextureWrapMode

Modes for sampling textures at coordinates outside the texture bounds, used by the sWrapMode, tWrapMode, and rWrapMode properties.

enum MDLMeshBufferType

Options for the content of a mesh buffer, used by the type property and by MDLMeshBufferAllocator methods for creating buffers.

enum MDLProbePlacement

Options affecting automatic placement of light probes in a scene, used with the placeLightProbes(withDensity:heuristic:using:) method.

enum MDLTextureChannelEncoding

Options for the data size and type of texel channel values, used by the channelEncoding property.

enum MDLVertexFormat

Descriptions of the data size and layout for a vertex attribute, used by the format property.