Instance Method


Initializes a browser view controller using the provided service type and session.


- (instancetype)initWithServiceType:(NSString *)serviceType session:(MCSession *)session;



The type of service to search for. This should be a short text string that describes the app's networking protocol, in the same format as a Bonjour service type (without the transport protocol) and meeting the restrictions of RFC 6335 (section 5.1) governing Service Name Syntax. In particular, the string:

  • Must be 1–15 characters long

  • Can contain only ASCII lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens

  • Must contain at least one ASCII letter

  • Must not begin or end with a hyphen

  • Must not contain hyphens adjacent to other hyphens.

This name should be easily distinguished from unrelated services. For example, a text chat app made by ABC company could use the service type abc-txtchat.

For more details, read Domain Naming Conventions.


The multipeer session that any user-chosen peers should be invited to join.

Return Value

Returns an initialized object, or nil if an error occurred.


This method throws an exception if the session or serviceType parameters do not contain valid objects or the specified Bonjour service type is not valid.

See Also

Initializing a Browser View Controller

- initWithBrowser:session:

Initializes a browser view controller with the provided browser and session.


The delegate object that handles browser-view-controller-related events.


The browser object that is used for discovering peers.


The multipeer session to which the invited peers are connected.