Instance Property


The tag schemes configured for this linguistic tagger.


var tagSchemes: [NLTagScheme] { get }

See Also

Getting the Tag Schemes

class func availableTagSchemes(for: NLTokenUnit, language: NLLanguage) -> [NLTagScheme]

Retrieves the tag schemes available for a particular unit (like word or sentence) and language on the current device.

class func requestAssets(for: NLLanguage, tagScheme: NLTagScheme, completionHandler: (NLTagger.AssetsResult, Error?) -> Void)

Asks the Natural Language framework to load any missing assets for a tag scheme onto the device for the given language.

enum NLTagger.AssetsResult

The response to an asset request.

struct NLTagScheme

Constants for the tag schemes specified when initializing a linguistic tagger.