The response to an asset request.


enum AssetsResult : Int


Asset Request Responses

case available

The asset is now available and loaded onto the device.

case notAvailable

The asset is unavailable on the device.

case error

The framework couldn’t load the asset due to an error.

See Also

Getting the Tag Schemes

class func availableTagSchemes(for: NLTokenUnit, language: NLLanguage) -> [NLTagScheme]

Retrieves the tag schemes available for a particular unit (like word or sentence) and language on the current device.

class func requestAssets(for: NLLanguage, tagScheme: NLTagScheme, completionHandler: (NLTagger.AssetsResult, Error?) -> Void)

Asks the Natural Language framework to load any missing assets for a tag scheme onto the device for the given language.

var tagSchemes: [NLTagScheme]

The tag schemes configured for this linguistic tagger.

struct NLTagScheme

Constants for the tag schemes specified when initializing a linguistic tagger.