Constants for linguistic tagger enumeration specifying which tokens to omit and whether to join names.


struct Options



static var omitWords: NLTagger.Options

Omit tokens of type word (items considered to be words).

static var omitPunctuation: NLTagger.Options

Omit tokens of type punctuation (all punctuation).

static var omitWhitespace: NLTagger.Options

Omit tokens of type whitespace (whitespace of all sorts).

static var omitOther: NLTagger.Options

Omit tokens of type other (non-linguistic items, such as symbols).

static var joinNames: NLTagger.Options

Typically, multiple-word names will be returned as multiple tokens, following the standard tokenization practice of the tagger.

static var joinContractions: NLTagger.Options

Contractions will be returned as one token.


init(rawValue: UInt)

Creates the option with a raw value.


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Enumerating Linguistic Tags

struct NLTag

A token type, lexical class, name, lemma, language, or script returned by a linguistic tagger for natural language text.