Sets a handler that receives updates when an alternative network path is preferred over the current path.


func nw_connection_set_better_path_available_handler(_ connection: nw_connection_t, _ handler: nw_connection_boolean_event_handler_t?)

See Also

Handling Path Updates

func nw_connection_copy_current_path(nw_connection_t) -> nw_path_t?

Accesses the network path the connection is using.

typealias nw_connection_path_event_handler_t

A handler that delivers network path updates.

func nw_connection_set_viability_changed_handler(nw_connection_t, nw_connection_boolean_event_handler_t?)

Sets a handler that receives updates when data can be sent and received.

typealias nw_connection_boolean_event_handler_t

A handler that receives Boolean state updates from a connection, such as viability and better path state.