Sets a required IP version to disable all other versions for a connection.


func nw_ip_options_set_version(_ options: nw_protocol_options_t, _ version: nw_ip_version_t)

See Also

Configuring IP Connections

func nw_protocol_copy_ip_definition() -> nw_protocol_definition_t

Accesses the system definition of the Internet Protocol.

struct nw_ip_version_t

IP versions to require on connections and listeners.

func nw_ip_options_set_calculate_receive_time(nw_protocol_options_t, Bool)

Configures a connection to deliver receive timestamps for IP packets.

func nw_ip_options_set_hop_limit(nw_protocol_options_t, UInt8)

Configures the default hop limit for packets generated by a connection.

func nw_ip_options_set_use_minimum_mtu(nw_protocol_options_t, Bool)

Configures a connection to use the minimum MTU value, which is 1280 bytes for IPv6.

func nw_ip_options_set_disable_fragmentation(nw_protocol_options_t, Bool)

Configures a connection to disable fragmentation on outbound packets.

func nw_ip_options_set_local_address_preference(nw_protocol_options_t, nw_ip_local_address_preference_t)

Configures a connection to prefer certain types of local addresses, such as temporary or stable.

struct nw_ip_local_address_preference_t

Types of local addresses that can be selected, such as temporary or stable.