Sets the queue on which all listener events are delivered.


func nw_listener_set_queue(_ listener: nw_listener_t, _ queue: DispatchQueue)

See Also

Creating Listeners

func nw_listener_create(nw_parameters_t) -> nw_listener_t?

Initializes a network listener, which will select a random port.

func nw_listener_create_with_connection(nw_connection_t, nw_parameters_t) -> nw_listener_t?

Initializes a network listener to receive new streams on a multiplexed connection.

func nw_listener_start(nw_listener_t)

Registers for listening for inbound connections.

func nw_listener_get_port(nw_listener_t) -> UInt16

The port on which the listener can accept connections.

func nw_listener_cancel(nw_listener_t)

Stops listening for inbound connections.