Accesses the raw bytes contained within a TXT record.


func nw_txt_record_access_bytes(_ txt_record: nw_txt_record_t, _ access_bytes: @escaping nw_txt_record_access_bytes_t) -> Bool

See Also

Examining TXT Records

func nw_txt_record_is_dictionary(nw_txt_record_t) -> Bool

Checks whether a TXT record conforms to a dictionary format.

func nw_txt_record_get_key_count(nw_txt_record_t?) -> Int

Accesses the number of keys stored in the TXT record dictionary.

func nw_txt_record_apply(nw_txt_record_t, nw_txt_record_applier_t) -> Bool

Iterates through all keys in a TXT record dictionary.

typealias nw_txt_record_applier_t

A block that iterates over values and keys in a TXT record dictionary.

typealias nw_txt_record_access_key_t

A block that returns a value in a TXT record dictionary.

func nw_txt_record_find_key(nw_txt_record_t, UnsafePointer<Int8>) -> nw_txt_record_find_key_t

Checks the status of value associated with a key in a TXT record dictionary.

struct nw_txt_record_find_key_t

Status values describing what kind of value is stored in a TXT record dictionary.

typealias nw_txt_record_access_bytes_t

A block that provides access to the raw bytes of a TXT record.