Accesses an NSObject value stored in a framer message.


func nw_framer_message_copy_object_value(_ message: nw_framer_message_t, _ key: UnsafePointer<Int8>) -> Any?

See Also

Customizing Framer Messages

typealias nw_framer_message_t

A message for a custom protocol, in which you can store arbitrary key-value pairs.

func nw_protocol_metadata_is_framer_message(nw_protocol_metadata_t) -> Bool

Checks if a metadata object represents a custom framer protocol message.

func nw_framer_protocol_create_message(nw_protocol_definition_t) -> nw_framer_message_t

Initializes an empty message for a custom framer definition.

func nw_framer_message_create(nw_framer_t) -> nw_framer_message_t

Initializes an empty message from within a framer implementation.

func nw_framer_message_set_value(nw_framer_message_t, UnsafePointer<Int8>, UnsafeMutableRawPointer?, nw_framer_message_dispose_value_t?)

Sets a value to be stored in a framer message, with a completion to call to disposed the stored value when the message is released.

typealias nw_framer_message_dispose_value_t

A handler that's invoked when your custom value needs to be released due to a message being released or the value being replaced.