Examines the content of input data while inside your input handler block.


func nw_framer_parse_input(_ framer: nw_framer_t, _ minimum_incomplete_length: Int, _ maximum_length: Int, _ temp_buffer: UnsafeMutablePointer<UInt8>?, _ parse: (UnsafeMutablePointer<UInt8>?, Int, Bool) -> Int) -> Bool



The minimum number of bytes that should be delivered to the parse completion.


The maximum number of bytes that should be delivered to the parse completion.


An optional buffer into which the parser will copy bytes. Use this if you need to make guarantees about byte alignment.


A completion handler that will be called inline to examine a region of bytes.

Return Value

Returns true if the requested length was available to parse, or false if the conditions could not be met.

See Also

Handling Input Data

typealias nw_framer_input_handler_t

A handler that notifies your protocol that new inbound data is available to parse.

typealias nw_framer_parse_completion_t

A handler that examines a range of data being sent or received.

func nw_framer_deliver_input(nw_framer_t, UnsafePointer<UInt8>, Int, nw_framer_message_t, Bool)

Delivers an inbound message containing arbitrary data from your protocol to the application.

func nw_framer_deliver_input_no_copy(nw_framer_t, Int, nw_framer_message_t, Bool) -> Bool

Delivers an inbound message containing a specific number of next received bytes.

func nw_framer_pass_through_input(nw_framer_t)

Indicates that your protocol no longer needs to handle input data.