Accesses the system definition of the WebSocket protocol.


func nw_protocol_copy_ws_definition() -> nw_protocol_definition_t

See Also

Creating WebSocket Connections

func nw_ws_create_options(nw_ws_version_t) -> nw_protocol_options_t

Initializes a default set of WebSocket connection options.

struct nw_ws_version_t

Supported versions of the WebSocket protocol.

func nw_ws_options_set_auto_reply_ping(nw_protocol_options_t, Bool)

Configures the connection to automatically reply to Ping messages instead of delivering them to you.

func nw_ws_options_set_maximum_message_size(nw_protocol_options_t, Int)

Sets the maximum allowed message size, in bytes, to be received by the WebSocket connection.