Specifies whether the WebSocket protocol skips its handshake and begins framing data once the underlying connection is established.


func nw_ws_options_set_skip_handshake(_ options: nw_protocol_options_t, _ skip_handshake: Bool)


This option should not be set when communicating with a generic WebSocket server or client. This option allows a custom handshake (or no handshake) to be implemented below the WebSocket layer when both client and server are coordinated.

See Also

Configuring Client Handshakes

func nw_ws_options_add_additional_header(nw_protocol_options_t, UnsafePointer<Int8>, UnsafePointer<Int8>)

Adds additional HTTP header fields to be sent by the client during the WebSocket handshake.

func nw_ws_options_add_subprotocol(nw_protocol_options_t, UnsafePointer<Int8>)

Adds to the list of supported application protocols that will be presented to a WebSocket server during connection establishment.