Type Alias


A handler that notifies your protocol that new inbound data is available to parse.


typealias nw_framer_input_handler_t = (nw_framer_t) -> Int

See Also

Handling Input Data

typealias nw_framer_parse_completion_t

A handler that examines a range of data being sent or received.

func nw_framer_deliver_input(nw_framer_t, UnsafePointer<UInt8>, Int, nw_framer_message_t, Bool)

Delivers an inbound message containing arbitrary data from your protocol to the application.

func nw_framer_deliver_input_no_copy(nw_framer_t, Int, nw_framer_message_t, Bool) -> Bool

Delivers an inbound message containing a specific number of next received bytes.

func nw_framer_pass_through_input(nw_framer_t)

Indicates that your protocol no longer needs to handle input data.