Type Alias


A handler that notifies your protocol about a new outbound message.


typealias nw_framer_output_handler_t = (nw_framer_t, nw_framer_message_t, Int, Bool) -> Void



The framer instance associated with the connection.


The framer message passed by the application.


The length of the message content being sent.


A boolean indicating if this the last chunk of a message.


The output handler is your opportunity to encapsulate or encode a signle application message. You should write any output using nw_framer_write_output(_:_:_:), nw_framer_write_output_data(_:_:), or nw_framer_write_output_no_copy(_:_:) before returning from the output handler. If you do not write a message, the application message will be discarded.

See Also

Handling Output Data

typealias nw_framer_parse_completion_t

A handler that examines a range of data being sent or received.

func nw_framer_write_output(nw_framer_t, UnsafePointer<UInt8>, Int)

Sends arbitrary output data in a buffer from your protocol to the next protocol.

func nw_framer_write_output_data(nw_framer_t, __DispatchData)

Sends arbitrary output data from your protocol to the next protocol.

func nw_framer_write_output_no_copy(nw_framer_t, Int) -> Bool

Sends a specific number of bytes from a message while inside your output handler.

func nw_framer_pass_through_output(nw_framer_t)

Indicates that your protocol no longer needs to handle output data.