IP versions to require on connections and listeners.


struct nw_ip_version_t


See Also

C Network Structures

struct nw_browser_state_t

States indicating whether a browser is able to discover services.

struct nw_connection_state_t

States indicating whether a connection can be used to send and receive data.

struct nw_data_transfer_report_state_t

States indicating whether a data transfer report is collected yet.

struct nw_endpoint_type_t

The type of a network endpoint, such as a host or a service.

struct nw_error_domain_t

The error domain for errors used by the Network framework.

struct nw_ethernet_channel_state_t

States indicating whether an Ethernet channel is able to send and receive frames.

struct nw_framer_start_result_t

Results that you send to indicate the disposition of your protocol after the start handler is invoked.

struct nw_interface_type_t

Types of network interfaces, based on their link layer media types.

struct nw_ip_ecn_flag_t

Flag values for Explicit Congestion Notifications in IP packets.

struct nw_ip_local_address_preference_t

Types of local addresses that can be selected, such as temporary or stable.

struct nw_listener_state_t

States indicating whether a listener is able to accept incoming connections.

struct nw_multipath_service_t

Modes in which a connection can support multipath protocols.

struct nw_parameters_expired_dns_behavior_t

Options for configuring how expired DNS answers should be used.

struct nw_path_status_t

Status values indicating whether a path can be used by connections.

struct nw_report_resolution_source_t

Sources that may provide DNS responses.

struct nw_service_class_t

Levels of service quality that can be used with a connection.

struct nw_txt_record_find_key_t

Status values describing what kind of value is stored in a TXT record dictionary.

struct nw_ws_close_code_t

Types of codes used upon closing a WebSocket connection.

struct nw_ws_opcode_t

Types of messages that you send and receive on a WebSocket connection.

struct nw_ws_response_status_t

Status values that are sent with a WebSocket server response.

struct nw_ws_version_t

Supported versions of the WebSocket protocol.