A report that provides metrics about data being sent and received on a connection.


struct NWConnection.DataTransferReport


Examining Data Transfer

let aggregatePathReport: NWConnection.DataTransferReport.PathReport

A report that sums counts across all network paths.

let pathReports: [NWConnection.DataTransferReport.PathReport]

An array of reports for each network path the connection used.

struct NWConnection.DataTransferReport.PathReport

A report that contains details about data transfer over a single network path.

Summarizing Reports

let duration: TimeInterval

The duration of the data transfer report, from when it was started to when it was collected.

var debugDescription: String

The description of the report.


See Also

Collecting Connection Metrics

Collecting Network Connection Metrics

Use reports to understand how DNS and protocol handshakes impact connection establishment.

func requestEstablishmentReport(queue: DispatchQueue, completion: (NWConnection.EstablishmentReport?) -> Void)

Requests a copy of the connection's establishment report once the connection is in the ready state.

struct NWConnection.EstablishmentReport

A report that provides metrics about how a connection was established.

func startDataTransferReport() -> NWConnection.PendingDataTransferReport

Begins a new data transfer report, which can later be collected.

class NWConnection.PendingDataTransferReport

An outstanding data transfer report that has yet to be collected.