An outstanding data transfer report that has yet to be collected.


class NWConnection.PendingDataTransferReport


Collecting Reports

func collect(queue: DispatchQueue, completion: (NWConnection.DataTransferReport) -> Void)

Stops an outstanding data transfer report and delivers the result.

See Also

Collecting Connection Metrics

Collecting Network Connection Metrics

Use reports to understand how DNS and protocol handshakes impact connection establishment.

func requestEstablishmentReport(queue: DispatchQueue, completion: (NWConnection.EstablishmentReport?) -> Void)

Requests a copy of the connection's establishment report once the connection is in the ready state.

struct NWConnection.EstablishmentReport

A report that provides metrics about how a connection was established.

func startDataTransferReport() -> NWConnection.PendingDataTransferReport

Begins a new data transfer report, which can later be collected.

struct NWConnection.DataTransferReport

A report that provides metrics about data being sent and received on a connection.