A local or remote endpoint in a network connection.


enum NWEndpoint


Endpoint Types

case hostPort(host: NWEndpoint.Host, port: NWEndpoint.Port)

An endpoint represented as a host and port, with the host including both names and addresses.

case url(URL)

An endpoint represented as a URL, with host and port values inferred from the URL.

case unix(path: String)

An endpoint represented as a UNIX domain path.

Host and Ports

enum NWEndpoint.Host

A name or address that identifies a network endpoint.

struct NWEndpoint.Port

A port number you use along with a host to identify a network endpoint.

Internet Addresses

protocol IPAddress

An abstract protocol you use to interact with IP addresses.

struct IPv4Address

A structure containing an IPv4 address.

struct IPv6Address

A structure containing an IPv6 address.

Endpoint Properties

var interface: NWInterface?

The optional interface associated with this endpoint, such as the interface on which it was discovered.

var debugDescription: String

The description of this endpoint.

static func != (NWEndpoint, NWEndpoint) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether two values are not equal.

Instance Properties


See Also


class NWParameters

An object that stores the protocols to use for connections, options for sending data, and network path constraints.