A description used to advertise the Bonjour service that a listener provides.


struct NWListener.Service


Defining Services

init(name: String?, type: String, domain: String?, txtRecord: NWTXTRecord)

Initializes a Bonjour service to advertise with a TXT record.

var noAutoRename: Bool

A Boolean that indicates whether the service prohibits automatic renaming in the event of a name conflict.

Inspecting Services

let name: String?

The Bonjour name of the service.

let type: String

The Bonjour type of the service.

let domain: String?

The Bonjour domain of the service.

var txtRecordObject: NWTXTRecord?

The TXT record to advertise with the service.

let txtRecord: Data?

The TXT record as a raw buffer to advertise with the service.

var debugDescription: String

The description of the service.

Operator Functions


See Also

Advertising Bonjour Services

var service: NWListener.Service?

A Bonjour service that advertises the listener on the local network.

var serviceRegistrationUpdateHandler: ((NWListener.ServiceRegistrationChange) -> Void)?

A handler that receives updates for the service endpoint being advertised.

enum NWListener.ServiceRegistrationChange

Changes to how a network listener's service is advertised.