States indicating whether a listener is able to accept incoming connections.


enum NWListener.State



case setup

The listener has been initialized but not started.

case waiting(NWError)

The listener is waiting for a network to become available.

case ready

The listener is running and able to receive incoming connections.

case failed(NWError)

The listener has encountered a fatal error.

case cancelled

The listener has been canceled.

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Creating Listeners

init(using: NWParameters, on: NWEndpoint.Port)

Initializes a network listener, with an optional local port.

func start(queue: DispatchQueue)

Registers for listening, and sets the queue on which all listener events are delivered.

var stateUpdateHandler: ((NWListener.State) -> Void)?

A handler that receives listener state updates.

var port: NWEndpoint.Port?

The port on which the listener can accept connections.

func cancel()

Stops listening for inbound connections.