Instance Property


An option to allow connections to use multipath protocols.


final var multipathServiceType: NWParameters.MultipathServiceType { get set }

See Also

Customizing Connection Options

enum NWParameters.MultipathServiceType

Modes in which a connection can support multipath protocols.

var serviceClass: NWParameters.ServiceClass

A level of service quality for connections to use.

enum NWParameters.ServiceClass

Levels of service quality that can be used with a connection.

var allowFastOpen: Bool

A Boolean that enables sending application data with protocol handshakes.

var expiredDNSBehavior: NWParameters.ExpiredDNSBehavior

A behavior that defines how expired DNS answers will be used.

enum NWParameters.ExpiredDNSBehavior

Options for configuring how expired DNS answers should be used.

var preferNoProxies: Bool

A Boolean that indicates that connections should ignore proxies when they are enabled on the system.

var includePeerToPeer: Bool

A Boolean that enables peer-to-peer link technologies for connections and listeners.

var allowLocalEndpointReuse: Bool

A Boolean that allows reusing local addresses and ports across connections.

var acceptLocalOnly: Bool

A Boolean that restricts listeners to only accepting connections from the local link.