Levels of service quality that can be used with a connection.


enum NWParameters.ServiceClass


Service Classes

case bestEffort

Default priority traffic.

case background

Bulk traffic, or traffic that can be deprioritized behind foreground traffic.

case interactiveVideo

Interactive video traffic.

case interactiveVoice

Interactive voice traffic.

case responsiveData

Responsive user-data traffic.

case signaling

Signaling control traffic.

Instance Properties

See Also

Customizing Connection Options

var multipathServiceType: NWParameters.MultipathServiceType

An option to allow connections to use multipath protocols.

enum NWParameters.MultipathServiceType

Modes in which a connection can support multipath protocols.

var serviceClass: NWParameters.ServiceClass

A level of service quality for connections to use.

var allowFastOpen: Bool

A Boolean that enables sending application data with protocol handshakes.

var expiredDNSBehavior: NWParameters.ExpiredDNSBehavior

A behavior that defines how expired DNS answers will be used.

enum NWParameters.ExpiredDNSBehavior

Options for configuring how expired DNS answers should be used.

var preferNoProxies: Bool

A Boolean that indicates that connections should ignore proxies when they are enabled on the system.

var includePeerToPeer: Bool

A Boolean that enables peer-to-peer link technologies for connections and listeners.

var allowLocalEndpointReuse: Bool

A Boolean that allows reusing local addresses and ports across connections.

var acceptLocalOnly: Bool

A Boolean that restricts listeners to only accepting connections from the local link.