A customizable network protocol for defining application message parsers.


class NWProtocolFramer : NWProtocol


Implementing Framer Protocols

protocol NWProtocolFramerImplementation

A protocol to which your classes can conform in order to implement a custom framing protocol.

class NWProtocolFramer.Instance

An object that represents a single instance of your custom protocol running in a connection.

Using Framers with Connections

class NWProtocolFramer.Definition

A custom protocol definition you use to associate messages with protocol options.

class NWProtocolFramer.Options

A container you use to add your custom protocol to a connection's protocol stack.

class NWProtocolFramer.Message

A message for a custom protocol, in which you can store arbitrary key-value pairs.


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See Also

Network Protocols

Building a Custom Peer-to-Peer Protocol

Use Bonjour and TLS to establish secure connections between devices, and define a protocol for sending messages to play a simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

class NWProtocolTCP

A network protocol for connections that use the Transmission Control Protocol.

class NWProtocolTLS

A network protocol for connections that use Transport Layer Security.

class NWProtocolUDP

A network protocol for connections that use the User Datagram Protocol.

class NWProtocolIP

A network protocol for configuring the Internet Protocol on connections.

class NWProtocolWebSocket

A network protocol for connections that use WebSocket.