A network protocol for connections that use the User Datagram Protocol.


class NWProtocolUDP : NWProtocol


Creating UDP Connections

class NWProtocolUDP.Options

A container of options for configuring how UDP is used on a connection.

static let definition: NWProtocolDefinition

The system definition of the User Datagram Protocol.

Sending UDP Messages

class NWProtocolUDP.Metadata

A container representing UDP when sending and receiving packets.


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Network Protocols

Building a Custom Peer-to-Peer Protocol

Use Bonjour and TLS to establish secure connections between devices, and define a protocol for sending messages to play a simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

class NWProtocolTCP

A network protocol for connections that use the Transmission Control Protocol.

class NWProtocolTLS

A network protocol for connections that use Transport Layer Security.

class NWProtocolIP

A network protocol for configuring the Internet Protocol on connections.

class NWProtocolWebSocket

A network protocol for connections that use WebSocket.

class NWProtocolFramer

A customizable network protocol for defining application message parsers.


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