Hotspot Helper

Integrate your app with the iOS hotspot network subsystem.


NEHotspotHelper allows your app to participate in the process of authenticating with hotspot networks, that is, Wi-Fi networks where the user must interact with the network to gain access to the wider Internet. Hotspot helpers are only supported on iOS.

For more about creating a hotspot helper, see the Hotspot Network Subsystem Programming Guide.




A class to register a hotspot helper.



A command for the hotspot helper to handle.


The hotspot helper’s response to a command.


Information about a Wi-Fi network associated with a command or a response.

Hotspot Communication

Hotspot helpers can use these APIs to communicate with the hotspot even when Wi-Fi is not the default route.

- bindToHotspotHelperCommand:

Binds a URL request to the network interface associated with the hotspot helper command instance.

In-Provider Networking

Network APIs for use by all types of NetworkExtension providers and by hotspot helpers.

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