An abstract base class shared by NEAppProxyTCPFlow and NEAppProxyUDPFlow.


class NEAppProxyFlow : NSObject


App Proxy Providers receive network connections to be proxied in the form of NEAppProxyFlow objects, which are passed to the App Proxy Provider via the -[NEAppProxyProvider handleNewFlow:] method.

NEAppProxyFlow objects are initially in an unopened state. Before they can be used to transmit network data, they must be opened using the openWithLocalEndpoint:completionHandler: method. When you are finished with a flow, you should call closeReadWithError: and closeWriteWithError: and then release the NEAppProxyFlow object.


Managing the Flow Life Cycle

func open(withLocalEndpoint: NWHostEndpoint?, completionHandler: (Error?) -> Void)

Opens the flow, indicating to the system that the caller is ready to start receiving and sending data.

func closeReadWithError(Error?)

Close the flow for further read operations.

func closeWriteWithError(Error?)

Close the flow for further write operations.

Getting Flow Information

var metaData: NEFlowMetaData

An NEFlowMetaData object containing information about the source app of the flow.


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Handling Flows

class NEAppProxyTCPFlow

An object for reading and writing data to and from a TCP connection being proxied by the provider.

class NEAppProxyUDPFlow

An object for reading and writing data to and from a UDP conversation being proxied by the provider.