Instance Method


Handle a new flow of network data.


- (BOOL)handleNewFlow:(NEAppProxyFlow *)flow;



The new NEAppProxyFlow object. If the App Proxy Provider decides to proxy the flow, it should create a reference to the flow in its data structures.

Return Value

Return YES to indicate that the App Proxy Provider will handle the flow. Return NO to indicate that the flow should be closed.


This method is called by the system whenever an app which matches the current App Proxy configuration’s app rules opens a new network connection.

NEAppProxyProvider subclasses must override this method.

New flows are initially in an unopened state. The App Proxy Provider should take whatever steps are necessary to ready itself to handle the flow data and then open the flow.

See Also

Handling Proxied Flows

- handleNewUDPFlow:initialRemoteEndpoint:

Handle a new UDP flow of network data.