An object to create and manage the app proxy provider’s VPN configuration.


class NEAppProxyProviderManager : NETunnelProviderManager


objects cannot be directly instantiated. Instead, App Proxy configurations are created exclusively from payloads in configuration profiles.

App Proxy configurations can only be used with Per-App VPN routing rules. For more details about how to create App Proxy configurations and configure Per-App VPN, see NETunnelProviderManager.


Loading the App Proxy Configuration

class func loadAllFromPreferences(completionHandler: ([NEAppProxyProviderManager]?, Error?) -> Void)

Load all of the App Proxy configurations associated with the calling app that have previously been saved to the Network Extension preferences.


Conforms To

See Also

VPN Configuration

class NETunnelProviderManager

An object to create and manage the tunnel provider’s VPN configuration.

class NEVPNManager

An object to create and manage a Personal VPN configuration.

class NETunnelProviderProtocol

Configuration parameters for a VPN tunnel.

class NEAppRule

The identity of an app whose traffic is to be routed through the tunnel.