Instance Method


Handle a request for new filtering rules.


func handleNewFlow(_ flow: NEFilterFlow, completionHandler: @escaping (NEFilterControlVerdict) -> Void)



A NEFilterFlow object containing details about the flow of network content.


A block to be executed when the rules have been updated.


The system calls this method when the Filter Data Provider indicates that it needs more rules before making a decision about a new flow.

The Filter Control Provider is expected to fetch new rules and write them to disk in a location that is readable by the Filter Data Provider. In addition to updating the rules, the Filter Control Provider can itself make a pass/block decision for the new flow, and return it when executing the completionHandler block.

NEFilterControlProvider subclasses must override this method.

See Also

Handling Requests for New Rules

func notifyRulesChanged()

Notify the Filter Data Provider that the filtering rules have changed on disk.